Blue Buffalo – Nutrition Facts

Everything we do for our pet is because we love them and we consider them as our family member. We always want to see our pet happy and their happiness rely on their health. The good health of your cat or dog is only possible with the healthiest foods and its nutria-facts. The question is what’s in the Blue Buffalo?

Blue Buffalo pet food is the perfect diet with superior nutrition consisting of all natural ingredients. These tasty and high quality constituents are the mixture of intensively researched vitamins, minerals and antioxidants made especially for dogs and cats with respect to their life stages, weight, taste, and feeding behavior.

Blue Buffalo Pet Food, a balanced diet is combined with following six nutrients:

1. Water

2. Minerals

3. Vitamins

4. Proteins

5. Fats and

6. Carbohydrates

It is equally important to know from where you can get these nutrients. For instance, you can obtain high quality protein from the real chicken than poultry by-products; fatty acids from chicken fats than the generic animal fats. Even the minor difference can determine whether the pet food brands are healthy or not as they claim to be. These nutrients are essential to meet the daily needs of energy and over all well-being of the cats and the dogs.

Protein sources

Protein is the first ingredient in the recipes of Blue Buffalo pet food. The key source of the proteins are chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, egg with complete amino acid profile that are required for the basic building of the body cells, tissue, organs, enzymes, hormones and antibodies required for growth and repair.

Source of fats

Blue only use the best quality fats source- vegetable oils, fish oils from salmon and herring. Fats are the most concentrated food forms that can provide twice the energy amount provided by protein or carbohydrates. Fats are important in absorbing and utilizing the soluble vitamins A, D and E which also makes the skin and coat of the animal healthy. They are also one that reduces the inflammation.


Carbohydrates are the great energy source for your pet. The whole food grains, for example ground brown rice, whole ground oats and barley have best low fats with highly digestible carbohydrates. Grains are also rich in the dietary fiber, soluble and insoluble both which is needed for healthy function of the intestine. The blue product only uses these higher quality grains that are less effective without costing much and of course, they don’t use any low quality corn, wheat or soy.

Fruits and veggies

Vegetables and fruits are considered as the good source of enzymes, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients along with vitamins, minerals and fibers required for promoting health and wellness. For example, potatoes, carrot and peas are the great vitamin A source and blueberries are best for vitamin C.

Vitamins and minerals

For the overall growth in bone and muscles, and for the better digestion and reproduction, vitamins and minerals work together for your pets. They are also equally important for good immune system and for the healthy development of skin and coat. Manganese, iron, potassium, calcium, copper and phosphorus are some of the minerals that are found in the product of Blue Buffalo. As it will be hard for your pet to absorb the minerals, the foods are supplemented with chelated minerals, which means the one that is attached with the amino acids for easy absorption and will get into the pet’s bloodstream more readily. Also, vitamins are the great substitute in the Blue Buffalo pet food.

Blue World Pools: Make Summers A Fun Time

My friend was complaining the other day that as the summer season is approaching, she is beginning to have sleepless nights. Now this is very surprising coming from my friend because she is one of the most cool and level-headed people in my group of friends. After hearing her reasons for losing sleep, I can’t help but understand. Her family is running a little short on finances, so they cannot afford to go on a holiday this summer. Now she is really worried how to keep her two teenage kids occupied during the hot summer days besides keeping an eye on what they are up to. I realized her predicament and suggested her to do what I have done to tackle a similar situation. Get a swimming pool installed at your own backyard! Now you may be thinking, what kind of a solution is this, but trust me this is just the perfect solution provided you get a swimming pool from reputed dealers like Blue World pools.

Now let me explain how the installation of a swimming pool will help you to solve all these summer blues and many others as well. First show me a person who does not like to take a dip, relax, lounge and just have a good time in a swimming pool. Can’t find any? Understandably, the luxury and fun that one can have in a swimming pool is too good an opportunity to let go. So installing an above ground swimming or in ground swimming pool from blue world pools makes sure that your kids and spouse have the perfect place where they can relax, lounge and be with each other during the summer season. It’s a good chance to bond better with your family, which may have been lacking due to some reason or the other. Imagine how it will feel, when one find day you realize that your kids have grown up and you did not have a chance to be with them and bond with them in a better way daring their childhood days or teenage days?

So, when you still have the time for this, make the most of it. Call a Blue World pool executive and get the swimming pool installed. It is not always necessary to go to any exotic destination to enjoy a holiday, when you can get all this and much more in your backyard swimming pool. Invite your friends over and organize small parties at the poolside with mouth watering snacks, refreshing drinks and soothing music. You can even go about organizing a party for your kids and their fiends. Nothing excites children more then playing with water and if you can organize some fun games for them, you will be the most adorable parent around. If you are short on finance, that aspect can also be easily taken care of.

Blue world pool offers loans to any individual who is lacking in fund to install the swimming pool in their house. Getting the loan involves a very easy process and the whole thing is done in no time. After you are done with all these things, you can organize a romantic evening with your partner or spouse in the swimming pool. The possibilities are just endless.

Waterfront Properties in Belize

A serene cool breeze blowing over the   blue  shining  water  greets you with the first light of morning, the water tide sweeps across your doorway and the dazzling sky merges with the water to give you the much needed peace of mind in this materialistic world. This peace can be experienced only at a glorious waterfront house. Belize possesses the gift of nature’s beauty. Variety of cultures and languages thrive in Belize surrounded by natural beauty which is hard to find in any other part of the world. A waterfront property can help you experience the best ambience created by nature.

Waterfronts in Belize

Belize is facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea with a 174 Miles long barrier reef famous for all kinds of flora and fauna and hell lot of adventure activities. To add to this there are many beautiful lagoons in Belize around which several world-class planned communities have been developed. The lagoons here are best for underwater adventure and picnicking.

Properties near Lagoons

· The shining blue Lagoons glorify the boundaries of these properties. These are world class planned communities that provides marvelous waterfront properties.

· You have the liberty to construct your dream home on your terms or you can avail the help from the estate limited here who will provide you with their various mesmerizing house designs.

· The Planned Communities here have the Property Owners Association which takes care of all the community facilities like a playgrounds, swimming pool, community pier, boat ramp etc.

· The communities have access and frontage on Cocos/Progresso Lagoon, which leads to Chetumal Bay going out to the Caribbean Sea. Here all the residents can enjoy fabulous paddling adventures Lagoon and have free boat access to the Caribbean Sea where they can enjoy at some of the best diving spots in the world.

Properties near Serene River Beds

The Properties here stand on the edge of the streaming rivers that flows onward and joins the Caribbean Sea.

A house here is all what you will crave for after going through its mesmerizing features.

· The homes here have unique architectural designs to perfectly blend with the natural environs. You may have your own unique house design or choose from the styles such as the Mediterranean style, Key west style, Contemporary style and southwest style provided by the Waterside Limited.

· The communities here will make sure that as an owner you will never have to grumble upon the water, electric and telephone facilities.

· 50% of the community land is developed and maintained as preserves, green areas, open spaces and reserves where the community members can enjoy recreational activities.

· The properties here are well connected through fully compact all weather roads for smooth traveling.

· Every parcel owner will have an access to the river to get on with adventurous activities like canoeing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and rafting.

· Property Owners Association maintains all the community facilities and develops communal harmony among the community members.

Pure Enjoyment along Pure Water

The waterfront properties combined with the planned communities provides the essence of the best dwelling places. With commercial establishments and major towns just a few miles away from the waterfront properties in Belize, you be sure to have a perfect balanced life.

Best Baits To Use For Big Blue Catfish

Arkansas Blue Catfish Baits

Blue cats are not very pickers when they are young. As they get older, wiser and bigger they do seem to be more selective in their eating festivities. Catfishing bait for bigger blues is wide open when using cut bait (bait fish that is cut and fished with instead of live bait) from, skipjack herring, blue back herring, gizzard shad, threadfin shad, bream, sunfish, crappie, pretty much any type of cut bait.

Your smaller blue cats can be caught using the same cut bait as above and they act like channel cats in that they will eat a variety of home made or grocery store baits from chicken livers, chicken gizzards, hot dogs, cheese, dip baits, punch bait, beef liver or beef kidneys, home made beef or chicken blood baits, and other varieties of home made baits. Many different types of worms also work well as bait.

Blue catfish are also caught using live bait as well, so again the bait list for blue cats are wide open but big cutbaits are the choice of many guides and tournament fishermen when chasing Big Blue Catfish. The two most popular baits are skipjack herring and shad, whether it is gizzard or threadfin.

Choice of cutbaits.

The best type of cutbait to use is to use bait that is indigenous to the body of water you are fishing – meaning baitfish that are native or foraging in the body of water you are fishing. If skipjack or gizzard shad are plentiful on the body of   water , then they would be a good bait for chasing big  blues . Take a day or two catching baitfish on the water you will be fishing to see what is out there. Fish for gamefish, like bluegill, using rod and reel, and use a cast net (if legal in your state) to find out what type of other bait fish are in the water. You can also call your local DNR representative to find out what lives in the body of water.

Keep them lines wet and rods bent – Good luck fishing!

How to Paint a Beach Scene

Painting a beach scene is not hard, but where do you begin? Follow these step by step directions and you will have a fantastic painting of your favorite beach in no time!

Sketch in the drawing

Do not worry, the sketch does not have to be involved. You should determine where you want the water to meet the sky and sketch in this horizon line. Next, determine if there will be any boats, islands or land visible in the painting and sketch those in as well.

Paint in the sky and clouds

With white, paint in the entire sky to the horizon. Now with blue, start at the top of the canvas and blend down. This will create a sky that is darker at the top and lighter or fade into white where it reaches the sea. This is a beautiful effect. You will paint right over the reference line you drew in. This is OK because the line was there just for reference.

Let the paint dry before painting clouds if you are using acrylic paint. If you are using oil or watercolor go ahead and start the clouds on the wet canvas. Now with white and maybe a touch of blue and or crimson add first layer of clouds using circular motions. Keep the tops of clouds distinct, but blend the bottoms of them. With circular motions paint in second layer of clouds using white. Keep tops distinct and blend bottoms. Don’t cover up all of your background clouds. Leave interesting pockets.

Paint in the Sand or Beach

Using yellow ochre and or raw sienna and paint in the sand. Do not blend too much. The changes in color variations keep it interesting. You can use a stiff paint brush or toothbrush to flick color onto the sand for effects of small rocks and pebbles. Make the sand color go deeply into where the water will be. You will paint the water color right over the top of it – or at least some of it, but you need it done this way so it looks realistically like a seashore.

Paint in the Water

Starting at the horizon line, add blue to create water. Use very even and horizontal strokes at the horizon. As you come forward, the strokes could be a little uneven for a motion effect. Use blues and greens and maybe even some burnt sienna where you want the water to appear darker. The water gets darker as you come forward. Leave some streaks of white to look like ripples and waves. Add some dark shadows under and to one side of things like boats if there are any in your painting. This will create an effect of cast shadows. If you haven’t already – “pull” the water into the sand using white. Make sure that you keep the strokes horizontal.

Add Land and Cottages

Fill in distant hills with a pale blue green mixture. Darken the mixture and add a few bushes or trees in front of that. There should not be much detail if the land is far away. Add any houses or cottages. They should not be too large. As far as shading, if the light is coming in from the left, the right side of buildings and roofs would be darker because they are in shadow. Detail houses, add some little yellow/orange lights in the windows.

Final Details

Add birds flying, seagulls, sea or oat grass, people or figures on the beach, and do not forget to sign your painting!

Beach Bedroom Theme – For Those Water Spirits

Love the beach so much that you want a piece of it at your home too? Well, we might just have the solution to that. Recreate the magic of the beach in your bedroom to enjoy the serene calmness of the ocean even when you are lying in bed. The beach bedroom theme has caught on and is really popular among the beach lovers. If you and your partner really love the beach, then create your own piece of the beach in your bedroom. It is a fresh and vibrant theme and one that will garner you a lot of compliments.

The primary step like in the case of any redecoration is painting the room. The obvious choice for the beach look would be blue. However, what exact shade of blue you would want is entirely up to you. Some might prefer the turquoise blue or a shade that looks more like sea-green. Pick a shade that you like best. In essential the color must make you feel like you are out in the open. Such colors generally bring a roomy feeling and the room feels extra airy. The color blue is also soothing to the eye.

While a white bedspread would the most appropriate option, it is often said that it very hard to maintain white bedspreads. Hence opt for something in khaki or in the color of chocolate, something that is reminiscent of the sand. If the walls are in a light color then opt for a darker bedspread and vice-versa. We would like to add that beach themed bedspreads are just too tacky really and do not create the beach ambience in your bedroom. You could also match your down comforter to the color of the walls to get a comfy look. Any charms that you have collected yourself in the beach can also be carefully positioned to create an ambience of romance.

For that beachy feeling, window coverings are really important. Sheer drapes are the best option for the beach bedroom themes. Having lots of pillows on the bed some in solid colors and some with a few shells sewn into the fabric would be a very nice touch too. Adding a touch like replacing the ceiling fan in the room with a leaf fan would also be a great observation. You could also add black and white photos of the beach and related photos to your wall in strategic positions. Remember not to overcrowd, as in the case of decorating less is definitely more.

Altinkum Didim Beach Resort – Turkey

Turkey has many beautiful resorts along the Aegean coast. Altinkum is one such small resort town on the shores of the Aegean Sea; it is only 90 minutes transfer from Bodrum Airport. The town has got its name after the golden sand on its beaches. Altinkum means “golden sands”. The magnificent beaches of golden sand gently shelving into the shimmering turquoise   blue   water  of the Aegean Sea is an enchanting sight. Altinkum resort has three beaches. The main beach has plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for basking on the beach. Or you can go swimming in the nice, clear  blue   water  of the Aegean Sea. Plenty of water sports are also available; children enjoy going on the pedal boats. There are enjoyable boat trips that take you around the bay and the Castle. The second beach has many bars and restaurants facing the sea. The third beach is a smaller more secluded beach.

Apart from swimming and basking on the beach, there is plenty of sight seeing you can do. There are many interesting ancient sites you can visit near Altinkum. A short ten minutes journey from the resort center is the Temple of Apollo where you will see the famous head of Medusa adorned with snakes; and you will be astonished with the size of the columns here.

For a longer day-out visit, go to see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the ruins of Ephesus. It is a well-preserved classical city on the Mediterranean, and gives you a feeling of what life was like in Roman times. It is said that the Virgin Mary, at the end of her life, came to Ephesus accompanied by St. Paul. Also St. John is said to have lived the last years of his life here and after his death, a shrine, the Basilica of St. John was located over his grave.

You can take a boat trip to the Greek island of Samos. Samos lies at the north-eastern part of the Aegean Sea. Visitors are enchanted to see the charming mountainous landscape of Samos with the essential beauty of the nature and the historical spread all over the island. It is a unique experience.

Or perhaps you will enjoy a walk around the beautiful Bafa Lake nearby; it has a magnificent mountain backdrop. Visit the Didim Aqua Park, just outside of Altinkum resort; the Aqua Park was built in 2004 and is very popular.

For relaxation and entertainment, there are a large number of restaurants and waterfront bars open until around midnight; later the party atmosphere moves to nightclubs. It can get lively in high season when the holiday spirit is in full swing.

There are many good hotels at Altinkum resort. The Didim Beach Resort, one of them, has its own golden sand beach situated in one of the beautiful bays of the Aegean coast. The hotel has facilities for games such as tennis, table tennis, basketball, etc.; it also has swimming pool, Turkish bath & sauna as well as fitness center. The hotel has its own shopping centre and disco within the complex. The hotel is 90km from BodrumAirport.

Why Is My Water Heater Not Working?

A   water  heater pilot light is the little  blue  flame at the bottom of the heater that lights the burner when your  water  heater needs to heat water. The heater will not heat water if the pilot goes out and it will have to be relit.

In an older heater (prior to 2002) you are able to relight the pilot with a match or lighter. Water heaters have changed in recent years to comply with new laws to prevent fires and explosions. The reason for the new regulations is because residents that don’t have basements in their homes usually have their heater located in the garage. That creates a problem when a heater with an open flame is located near lawn equipment and cans of gasoline. The area at the bottom of the heater is now completely enclosed and the only way to relight the pilot is with a igniter that is located on the gas valve.

There are a few causes of a pilot light going out. The first cause may be a thermocouple failing. Very simply put the thermocouple sends the message to the burner that the pilot is lit. If the thermocouple fails the burner won’t light and the pilot will go out. In an old water heater (prior to 2002) you are able to replace the thermocouple and hopefully be back in business.

The next issue that you need to consider is the fresh air intake. If you have a traditionally vented heater (i.e. a heater that is gravity vented through a chimney in your home) it is possible that a down draft is occurring due to the fresh air intake being plugged. If the Fresh air intake vents at the base of the heater are plugged with debris the heater may pull its fresh air through the chimney vent. This may cause the pilot flame to be extinguished. To solve this issue you need to clean your air intake vents at the base of the heater and relight the pilot.

Because of these new restrictions water heater manufacturers had to come up with new ways of getting fresh air to the flame while not allowing the possibility of having a fire start or having an explosion. This created issues with pilot lights not staying lit. Most manufactures have some kind of venting that is located at the bottom of the heater. This venting can become plugged with debris and not allow combustion air to be taken in to keep a flame lit.

Adding to the problem is debris that may get sucked in to the heater itself. Water heaters used to have combustion air coming in from all sides. This design allowed for a more than adequate air supply to enter the heater keeping the flame and burner lit. With the new heaters the size of the air ports for fresh combustion air to enter the heater have restricted the air supply. The amount of air needed is the same however the size of the hole that the air has to enter has been choked down causing a vacuum effect. This causes debris to enter into the heater itself and plug screen that is located in the heater that was added as a safety shield to prevent any flames from escaping the heater. If this occurs it is possible, although difficult, to blow out the debris.

The World’s Most Novel Beaches

If someone says beach, you immediately thing of the typical white sand and   blue   water  crashing on the shore in waves. Add to this the pleasantly warm weather and you have the makings of quintessential beach. However as with most things, there exist anomalies – examples which are far from your standard models, and the same goes for beaches, some are not just white sand and  blue   water . In this article, some of the world’s most unique beaches are looked at.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives:

The Maldives are famous for being paradise on earth for their beauty. Come night this particular beach becomes heavenly. Why? Well it glows. The ethereal bluish glow washes up on the shore is caused by a bioluminescent plankton. Call it science fiction or a work of heaven, it’s a sight to see.

Ribadeo, Spain:

The beach at Ribadeo is called ‘The Beach of the Cathedrals’ due to its fascinating structure.Through the years the water has continuously ground against the rocks creating a magnificent cathedral like architecture. Nature is a supreme artist.

Marieta Islands:

These islands located a few miles off the coast of Mexico, contain a hidden paradise. These islands were uninhabited decades ago and hence were used as target practice for drills carried out by the Mexican government. A bomb blasted away land to form a secluded strip of sand which is said to be the world’s most secluded beach. In order to reach it visitors swim through a short tunnel which opens on the beach.

Maho Beach, Saint Martin:

This is your typical beach with a twist. Plans fly extremely close to this beach as they descend to make the landing at the nearby airport. The huge amount of turbulence created is what makes this beach different from the others. It’s a dangerous place to be but exhilarating enough for many people to visit it.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland:

Instead of white sand this beach has dark grey/blackish sand which is littered by ice crystals. It’s not warm like your typical beach either since it’s a glacial lake.

Punalu’u Beach Hawaii:

Your typical Hawaiian natural beauty filled beach. But with black sand.

Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, California:

This one isn’t really the result of an impressive natural phenomenon rather the sad aftermath of residents dumping trash in these waters. Today the glass in the trash has been dumped back onto the sandy shores turning them to glassy shores. The glass has been mostly made smooth and round by the water.

Cave Beach, Algarve, Portugal:

The limestone has been eroded to stunning effect. The beach is covered except for two huge entrances opening into the water. It also has a natural sun roof.

Pink Sand in the Bahamas:

Beaches can have white and black sand so why not pink? The Bahamas, already beautiful by many degrees have a beach which has pink sands. This hue formed by loose chunks of coral washed to the shore by the ocean.

"Blue Ocean Strategy" Creating Uncontested Market Place [Book Review]

This book will make you think. Powerfully.

This book will challenge you to create, yes, “create,” as if you are digging it out not merely discovering a new ocean on the globe. And, yes, this is an implementation book, not just a theory book.

The authors give clear steps how to create uncontested market space. After reading this book, it is like a science, this “blue ocean strategy,” not merely speculation for only the highly evolved business mind. It’s a strategy book that can be applied, albeit with innovative thinking and willingness.

The idea behind a “blue ocean” can first be understood by understanding what is meant by the “red ocean” of today’s shark-filled marketplace. The current market could be described that way, for all the red blood spilled, as one company competes with another, produces a similar product to another’s, and differentiates based on price, quality, and service, all courting the same customers.

This is the “red ocean” of competition, winners and losers in the market. It’s like Toyota vs Honda multiplied and divided hundreds of times over. This, the Red Ocean.

What Is the “Blue Ocean”?

A “blue ocean” is created by developing a product or service that satisfies a new customer with such innovation and at such a price that you have no real competition. You are not just differentiating, you are offering something unparalleled. The authors suggest practical ways to do this.

At the cornerstone of a blue ocean strategy is what the authors call, “value innovation.” It’s where your focus is not on beating out your competition but by providing such a unique leap in value for your customers that the competition becomes irrelevant and you gain dominance in this “blue ocean” market you have created.

Several examples of companies that did this are discussed in the book. Cirque du Soleil, a circus in Canada that because of its innovative changes to its format, attracted a whole new audience, gaining heaps in revenue growth while Barnum and all other circuses continue to tough it out in the Red Ocean.

Or NetJets, which created a hugely profitable blue ocean in the leasing of corporate jets, by pricing down and providing more service. Unbeatable. Unmatchable. In the past seven years, 57 other jet leasing companies have tried and all have failed.

Or Curves, a fitness franchise for women, you probably have seen one in your town, that exploded in growth by tapping into a market for women with the right cost basis, and space and time allotment that satisfied an unserved population of women. They created a blue ocean in the health and fitness arena.

This book not only describes what a blue ocean is but, significantly, this book provides concrete strategies for thinking about how to create one in your industry. Each chapter explains practical, useful steps that require you to deliberately and carefully implement to create for yourself a blue ocean.

Look Beyond the Ocean Horizon

It shows how to look beyond the traditional market boundaries to engage “non-customers.” It explains how to see beyond the existing demand and touch untapped needs in the market. It walks you through the organizational hurdles to involve properly all levels of a company in successfully strategizing a blue ocean.

This book, indeed, is one you that will urge you to think. It pushes you to imagine. It emphasizes value innovation. Seriously, this is a book for leaders.

Book Review: “Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant” by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

by Eugene Harnett