Tampa Fishing Charters – The Clear Blue

Ah, the clear   blue   water  and the beautiful color of the sky, all abound from the Tampa fishing charters. The setting of the water in Tampa is similar to a finely painted art scene. After leaving the dock in Tampa, you can expect to be fishing in less than ten minutes. The water is deep, clear and full of tasty catches. There are no long waits in the waters of Tampa either. You can expect a hefty bite within minutes of casting your line. In many other places there are long waits, small fish and less than desirable weather conditions. Any fishing experience in the Tampa area will leave you with a basket full of fish, some great stories and a nice tan! Any of the Tampa fishing charters will provide you with a fishing expedition of a lifetime.

The limit of fish is not lacking either. One of the best features and something that the Tampa fishing charters advertise heavily is the fact that a number of fish are in the local waters. Fishing in the Tampa area can land you snook, redfish, sharks, trout and a variety of other types. There is never a lack of variety or the same old thing in Tampa. Tampa fishing charters have a good working knowledge of the area and what to expect from each one of them. The guides of the Tampa fishing charters can enhance your fishing experience greatly.

One of the leading Tampa fishing charters is the tarpon hunt adventure. The reason that the tarpon is so popular is the mere size of the fish. They give one heck of a fight in their attempt to get away. There is definitely an art to reeling in one of these great silver kings. Not only will they pull and drag the line they will also make frequent jumps to throw the hook. It is a great and exciting hunt! Making it one of the most requested charters out of the Tampa bay!

If the vacation experience is what you are looking for there is much more to do in Florida then the Tampa fishing charters. After a long day of fishing the family can then hop in the car and head over to Busch Gardens or Disney World. The kids will love it and you might find a special treat for you and the Mrs. as well. There are a ton of things to do and Florida, so you will never hear the age-old ring of “we are bored”! That is important when you are attempting to have a relaxing time!

Mulberry Blue Bayswater Mini Messenger for iPhone

Have an iPhone? Want a handbag that perfectly matches to it? To be honest, I am absolutely a fan girl of Apple products for its touch of high-end intelligence and extraordinary chic designing beyond comparison. Then I wonder which bag can possibly step out to equivalently team my favorite iPhone? Here’s what we get-Mulberry Blue Bayswater Mini Messenger for iPhone. Minimum in its size yet maximum in its function, this little blue handbag is both an innovation and breakthrough in the fashion world.

Let’s check it out more specifically. With single tone of blue and really simple external Mulberry plaque, it best interprets ‘less is more’ as Apple does. Compared to other blue clutch bags, it will absolutely win out for its two ways of carrying either over the shoulder or cross your body. The shoulder strap is even detachable and adjustable. Well, that means you can put it inside your larger bag for convenience when go to work, then take it out and wear it cross your body when you are off to a restaurant for lunch. Thanks to the super cute, I may never left behind my iPhone again.

I keep talking about the blue leather handbag only. But you know what? It actually has two sisters like petticoat white and black ones. As for me, the two are worthy to be written off. Who’d like to choose such a blank color like white or black over the eye-popping electric blue one in the upcoming spring? However, it’s totally up to you if you have your own choice.

Galley Provisioning

Galley provisioning needs a lot of thought if you are going   blue   water  sailing, or on an extended coastal cruise, a lot of pre-planning needs to go into your time at sea. Start 2 or 3 months ahead and write everything that you eat and drink down in a binder.

Separate the binder into what you will need including:

• Food Provisions!

• Equipment needed!

• Marine Refrigeration!

• Favorite Recipes!

Keep track of what you eat for the same period on shore, the number of people that will be on board plus the number of meals during this time. When counting the days off shore add extra time, some say 50% more time in case of bad weather, a slow passage or even miscalculation of food needed.

Cruising builds a healthy appetite running out of food or drink, or even basic ingredients can spoil an otherwise idyllic cruise. And being hungry can bring on fatigue and impair a safe passage.

Basic Provisions:

Get everything dry that is possible and store large quantities in plastic sealed containers, amounts depend on the length of your trip. It is amazing how much variety can be made from flour, rice, baking powder, yeast, powdered milk, pasta, beans, even dried potatoes and vegetables are a good stand by.

Then look at coffee, tea, long life milk, powdered drink mixes, sugar, salt and pepper, cooking oil, vinegar and sauces. Spice things up with dried herbs, chilly and then by adding some tins and frozen products.

When galley provisioning think about the times you’ll feel like pizza, pancakes, lasagna, spaghetti with different sauces, muffins in different varieties, you can whip them all up in no time with these basic ingredients. There is nothing quite like the smell and taste of freshly cooked bread when out at sea! You don’t need an oven to make it either; try using the pressure cooker or a Cob if you have one.

Dry sausages and salamis are great for pizzas and pasta, or an antipasto to have with drinks.

Protein… Meat, Cheeses & Eggs:

Meat is best vacuum packed; it’s tender and keeps longer. A variety of cheeses can be kept without marine refrigeration or months kept in preserving jars covered with virgin olive oil, and some like feta can be flavored with herbs or spices. Cheeses covered with red or yellow wax keep longer.

Keep eggs in a cool place and keep turning them. Some sailors manage without any refrigeration; it can be done with some careful galley provisioning.

Fruit & Vegetables:

Long life fruit and vegetables like pumpkin, cabbage, onions, garlic, potatoes, oranges and lemons, are good to stock up on and store in well ventilated areas; nets are great for this.

Salad vegetables, tomatoes and bananas and others that have a short shelf life store in green supermarket bags and eat early in your voyage. You can buy these provisions at markets along the way.

And when galley provisioning remember when the salad vegetables run out this is the time to think about coleslaw made from cabbage. Many sailors grow their own herbs and sprouts, if there is room and a place that is not going to get bucket loads of sea water drowning them, they help provide fiber and vitamins and liven up meals.

Have three days pre-prepared meals when galley provisioning, easy to eat when you are getting your sea legs especially if you get some heavy weather.

Even on shorter coastal trips this is wise and helps if anyone is likely to get seasick from spending time in the galley.

Yummy Snacks:

And don’t forget the snacks! Lots of them for sun-downers and night watch, great for an energy boost when the weather is too bad to cook.

They can range from cups of soup to chips and dips, biscuits and crackers, cheese and gherkins, energy bars whatever you fancy. And some special treats for special occasions or just for the moral if needed.

Adjust your galley provisioning according to whether you are coastal sailing,  blue   water  sailing and the lands you will visit and availability of stores and markets.

Some countries are great with local markets and fresh produce, others be cautious of introducing ‘creepy crawlies’ to your galley.

Fresh Fish & Seafood:

And don’t forget the freshest meals can be in the sea you sail, fresh fish and other seafood caught from your yacht so have some good recipes to add variety.

And don’t forget your choice of drink be it wine, beer or spirits ( and the mixes), even when going off shore to foreign ports you are not restricted like when you are flying… just take what is a reasonable amount!

Whatever that may be… ? Ever made your own beer? It is possible on board and many sailors do, it’s a big saving too!

Last but definitely not least… water! You can’t survive without it, it is even more important than food so besides full tanks and extra containers of water, find small spaces on the boat to store bottles of filtered water.

I don’t have a water maker and yachts I’ve been on that do I don’t like the taste, and I know others feel the same way, so these bottles can be a ‘life saver.’ Or disguise the taste with a cordial.

Galley Equipment:

The galley is an important part of any boat and the equipment used needs to be taken into careful consideration. If you are looking for quality, and an amazing variety to choose from at a low, low price consider shopping on line.

Galley provisioning adjusts to factors like whether you have a fridge or freezer, and there are preferences here. I have got by very well with just a big freezer, freezing what is necessary and chilling and putting into a cooler what needs to be kept cold.

I have no oven aboard my yacht just a double gas burner and grill, and like so many who cruise a big deep pan is essential for our ‘one pot’ dishes. The other saucepan I use the most is a double pot steamer.

Strong plastic containers of all sizes are an important part of the modern day galley; they keep dampness and ‘creepy crawlies’ out and have a multitude of other uses.

Fall in love with a pressure cooker, one of my most essential pieces of equipment in the galley. They are fast cooking, so save gas and in the tropics speed keeps the heat in the cabin down, and the time spent ‘slaving over a hot stove’.

Even in bad sea’s they are safe to cook in with the sealed lid and they can cook casseroles that are tasty and tender in a fraction of the time of an oven and even bake bread.

The Cobb is fantastic too; a portable cooker that can be used on any surface on the boat or ashore, and runs on a handful of heat beads. It can be used as an oven and makes delicious roasts, smokes fish, bakes bread and pizzas, and can be used as a stove or bar-b-que.

Compile some recipes’ together and make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment and put these in your binder. Not just main meals and one pot meals, but some treats to delight the crew with! Bon-Appetite!

Four Poems (The Legend of Santa Claus, The Water, The Blue of His Face, A Sephirothic Angel)

The Legend of Santa Claus


The legend of our sweet Santa Claus

In December begins

Up on the rooftops, when eight strong paws

Make sounds of reindeer twins.

Santa had another noted name,

He was a simple man

Called Nicholas living for no fame.

He was a Christian.

His parents died, when he was still young,

In a village of Greece.

Thinking of Jesus, his thoughts he strung

To help poor kids in peace.

Under Diocletian he became

A Bishop in mission.

He was imprisoned, and put to shame.

He changed the tradition.

In time, St. Nicholas’ life and deeds

Have become a story.

He was a helper of those in needs,

A man in the glory.

Nicholas became Dutch Sinter Klass,

But children changed his name.

The Bishop’s red cloak changed with time’s glass

In cloths for Santa’s fame.

On that day, kids wait for him to come

In spirit of giving,

The Christmas tree looks no longer glum

And it looks like living.

Down the chimney comes Papa Noel

Quite slipping and sliding.

From his sky with reindeer and sleigh bells

Just gnashing and gliding.

Spreading stardust glittering at night

He brings presents for kids,

They pray and sing in the Divine Light.

Then, to sky his sleigh skids.

The Water

Like a tired eyelid was your deep last

thought, or like an eye of water being

darkened by a shadowing cloud. Like

a tear and a stargazer lily smelled your

gaze. Like sadness and longing your last

smile longed for love. You were my love

embracing. Between me and Jesus, only

you were my awakening, while you were in

leaving to be with Him through a last prayer.

I followed you on the Way of Love as a

prayer. God started to send His rain of grief

from His heaven inside of us. I was able to

see you in that Light. How beautiful you were

in that sense of life. He allowed me to hope

this love would never end. I woke up alone.

The rain was beating against my window.

The Blue of His Face

This angular house

is flooded with silence and solitude

the blue of his sad face

is a photograph

hidden in the darkness,

whether ’tis love

in my dreamless sleep

or ’tis suffering in my sleepless dream…

A Sephirothic Angel

The sounds made spiky, jagged

angles. They were like deep water

gushed up

through three mouths. The woman

slowly moved her head

from side to side. She lost

her right sight, nor could she

recognize the chasm

around. She tried to dance

her legs while wearing a weary dress. Her

blues partner was

indistinguishable. She appeared

to be in love with him,

but in fact, she needed to feel

changed by

this healing power. She felt

his left hand gently caressing

her breasts

while talking about

her wistfulness as about a solitary stone

in the sea. A Sephirothic Angel having

a white wing

and a black one

approached to help her find

the balance between life and death.

This angel remained behind

the right edge of the window

on her bloodied wall. In the mirror

of time, her white and black face

skin cracked.

Her soul was

old, though still pure

while trying to

crawl out from

its hiding chaos.It was the end

of the summer, and

the arctic terns flew south

to spend their

next future

on a pack ice.

The Blue Alternative – How to Win the Water Wars

Many of us are unaware that we are currently engaged in a subversive war over our water. The delicate balance of our eco-systems rest on maintaining the homeostasis of our global weather patterns, the ratio of Oxygen and CO2, and our eco-structures. The rise in carbon emissions, deforestation and misuse of our natural resources has created a breakdown in these systems.

Our most precious natural resource, second only to the air we breathe is our fresh water supply. We require water in order to exist. Without it we would not survive more than a few days. But our outdated laws do not encourage proper sustainable use of water and we are fast becoming a desert.

97% of the Earth’s water is salt water…the other 3% is our fresh water supply and it is either too polluted for human consumption or even human contact or it is at risk. Chemicals used in industry, human and animal waste, hormones, pesticides and other chemicals used in agriculture have been the primary causes of water pollution.

Chemical waste, sewage, dead animals, pesticides and toxic substances go into the ground water and into the crops we eat as food. The result has been that we’ve been exposed to various diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, cholera, polio and many other toxin-caused syndromes from our water supply.

An even more imminent threat is that we are mining the water that is usable faster than it can be replaced. A disastrous result of the disappearing water table underneath populated areas like Mexico City is that the city is slowly sinking.

Extreme weather due to climate change also has had dire consequences on how the world’s water is distributed. Warmer weather has driven the clouds out to sea and dumped our rainfall into the oceans while the interior lakes and rivers are receiving less and less.

Deforestation too, contributes to soil erosion. If there are no trees to hold the soil in place water cannot pool correctly and we are facing a desertification crisis. Some sources say that within 50 years the world’s water supply will collapse. Water will become more precious than oil.

If we run out of water, we will find ourselves without the single most important resource besides air that we require for survival. This has led to the ensuing war over water or Blue Gold.

Big Business knows how precarious is our fresh water and have been co-opting the right to treat, bottle and move water and turn a profit thereby. Profit is made when these Corporations take over the water supplies of entire areas and even countries. Water has been made a salable commodity instead of a natural resource and a human right.

This means life and death on the basis of profit; those that can afford it get water, those that can’t, go without.

Privatization of water ownership means that corporations can charge whatever they want and force poor countries into virtual slavery to rob them of their water while denying them basic sovereign rights within their own borders.

For example:

Kenya is already being forced to use cholera contaminated water. Their water is too expensive for adequate use, so they are dying. The World Trade Organization forces them to give their crops away for too little so that they can get water.

Bolivians are rising up against the Transnational Corporations who own their water. They pay more for their water than for their food. In Mexico, a well-known soft-drink (owned by Nestle, one of the three major water monopolies) is half the price of water.

The Solution: the Blue alternative

We can save our precious water. We must take back our water rights and demand that our leaders pass legislation that protects this essential and vulnerable resource.

We need to:

1. Stop corporate theft of our most precious natural resource.

2. Keep the water where it belongs. Dig holes to capture the water and make small dams, like beavers, out of sticks and logs in the waterways so that the water will pool and the aquifer will start to replenish and reforestation will occur.

3. Localize our food systems and de-industrialize food and water. Boycott water monopolies.

4. Turn off the tap.

5. Use low-flow toilets low-use shower heads. Look into grey water recycling.

6. If your area does not support a lawn naturally, don’t have one.

These are just a few of the ways that we can win the Water Wars. We can and must do more, learn more

and take action to prevent another short-sighted casualty of this War at the hands of our apathy and private corporate self-interest.

We the People must be the custodians and guardians of our water supply.

Go Green and Save Money With Blue Water

Would you like to know how to save the environment from 1 ton of carbon every single year? Then only fill your water pot with 1/2 the amount of water you think you need every day. Most people fill their water pots to the brim. Then they pore out what they do not need.

So they waste the extra energy needed to heat up water. Water they did not even use. Now this is not going green and will not save money either. This water could have been recycled by using it for something else. By following our example you could go and save green because it takes electricity to fill the pot and to boil the water.

Try to influence several other families to only fill water pots with 1/2 the water they actually need and almost a ton of carbon will stay out of the atmosphere for almost a year. This could prevent damage to the environment that would be felt for many years to come.

But If only you and your family tried this for one week it could save enough energy to run all your lights in your home for almost a day. If your family watches a lot of TV you could save enough energy to power your tv set for almost a whole week.

If you do not think this could happen or that you could not do it, go ahead and try it for one week and see what happens. What you will find is that it is not near as hard as you think to go green and save money.

Ivory Simone Talks About Her Novel ‘Havasu Means Blue Water’

Author/Activist Ivory Simone has forged a gripping story that masters the importance of speech and dialogue relaying the emotions and strengths of the solid characters presented in the tale of Lyla Amir whose research for her master’s thesis brings the past into the present.

‘Havasu Means  Blue   Water  examines the long ago lynching of a black farmer and his wife but while this is the main foundation of the story we are introduced to subplots linked to the contemporary story of Lyla, her research and her life.

The story, past and present, of fictional Wilburn, AZ where the subjects of Lyla’s research lived and died is both repellant and bittersweet. It is also where Lyla finds strength and an unexpected ally.

Ivory talks with us about writing ‘Havasu Means  Blue   Water 

Lynnette Phillips – What inspired you to write Havasu Means  Blue   Water ?

Ivory Simone – My family history. I grew up listening to my grandfather who told me stories about his grandfather–a black Indian who came out of slavery as a boy. I found a 1780s census record with my great-great-grandfather’s name and background information. The record confirms my grandfather’s oral history was correct. This family history took on new meaning when I worked for a Native American Tribe years later. Both of these invents laid the foundation for Havasu Means  Blue   Water .

LP – Does “havasu” mean  blue   water ?

IS – Yes, it does. In the Mojave language it means “ blue   water “. One of the characters in the story is a descendant of a Mojave tribe decimated by disease and other anti-Indian government policies.

LP –Why should readers buy your book?

IS — It’s a snapshot of the cultural wars we see in the Southwest–in places like my home state of Arizona. The inhabitants of the fictional town of Wilburn, Arizona are threatened by outsiders. They have a history of crushing groups who are different. However, the violence unleashed against outsiders is also used against the women and children of the town. Hate is a monster that’s never satisfied. When it runs out of enemies to eat, it’ll start devouring its own. Havasu Means  Blue   Water  is a cautionary tale about the price a society pays for remaining passive in the face of racial and cultural intolerance.

LP — “The legacy of injustice” will be the topic in two author Facebook chats that’ll be held on July 10th and July 16th at 3:00 p.m. (EST). Why is this an important issue?

IS – I want people to think about what happens to a community when a grave injustice is allowed to fester. I want people to talk about what they can do to promote the healing of any festering wounds of injustice that divide and weaken their own communities. Justice is not optional–it’s essential to the well-being of a community and its people.

LP — The love between the two murdered victims, Mary Alice and Nathaniel Venerable, is central to the novel, why?

IS — I believe love is the greatest force on earth. It’s far greater than hate, far greater than the tyranny of violence. We first meet Mary Alice and Nathaniel as victims. However, I want readers to remember them for the deep love they shared. It’s their love story that reaches out from the grave to influence the living, to propel events that bring about change.

LP — Mother-daughter relationships are also explored quite a bit in the novel. The relationship between Lyla Amir, the heroine of the story and her mother and the relationship between Amber Goody and Bonnie Good, a dysfunctional daughter and mother–are both important threads in the plot. Why?

IS — I’m a daughter and a mother of daughters. A daughter’s relationship with her mother helps determine the type of women she’ll grow-up to be. I wanted to show how certain acts and omissions mothers/women make in their lives shape the women their daughters become.

LP — Lyla Amir is an unusual heroine. She’s an Arab-American of mixed parentage (her mother is African-American) investigating the murder of a black farmer and his wife. Her heritage is one of the story lines that adds tension to events that unfold in the novel. Why did you make her Arab-American.

IS — Lyla Amir’s heritage is important because I believe Arab Americans now understand what Black Americans already know–what it feels like to be an undesirable “other”. Lyla self-identifies as black but she has racially ambiguous features. This presents problems for her when she goes to Wilburn. It’s her Arab heritage that becomes the source of hatred and conflict for her.

LP – The question of identity is also one of the issues Firestone Matise, the descendant of Mary Alice and Nathaniel Venerable, faces, too. Why?

IS — I think people are quick to label others based on appearance alone. I wanted to challenge the notion we can know a person’s history based on his or her racial profile. Racial stereotypes get in the way of Americans’ ability to form positive relationships with one another. The browning of America will make such thinking a liability in the future. I believe that’s a good thing in the long run

LP — What do you want readers to know about Ivory Simone?

IS – I’m a writer and poet who dreams a lot. I have a vivid and active dream life that makes my journey in the world fascinating and sometimes strange.

LP — What’s it like living in Bangkok, Thailand?

IS — There’s never a dull moment. More importantly, I’m able to move about in relative safety and ease.

Thank you, Ivory, for talking with us and for your wonderful novel ‘Havasu Means  Blue   Water 

Aquamarine – Blue As the Sea

Often seen as the gemstone of mermaids, due to its sea-like hue, aquamarine actually comes from deep within the earth, just like other gemstones. Aquamarine is a mineral of the beryl family, which makes it a cousin of the emerald. Some shades even hold a green tint, giving it a teal color. However, a deep blue is the most desired shade so these green tinted stones are often heat-treated to remove the green hues. But, if you appreciate the teal-colored stones, you can find an aquamarine bracelet in just the shade you desire.


The most desirable and largest supply of these gems come Brazil, known for the deep sea blue color it produces. There are also mines located in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Tanzania, Madagascar and Zambia. The oldest mines are in Madagascar, but when the Brazilian mines were found the Madagascar mines became less important. People appreciated the intensity of color from Brazil over all others. A large deep blue Brazilian aquamarine and diamond ring would be a valuable piece of jewelry and the envy of all your friends.

Birthstone for March

Every month gets a gemstone dedicated to it. For March, it is the refreshing blue aquamarine. If you are shopping for a birthstone gift in March, aquamarine ring choices will be abundant, with a variety of hues and cuts.

Wearing an aquamarine and diamond ring for a wedding ring is also a beautiful choice filled with intriguing lore. The stone is said to ensure a successful marriage, bringing happiness, especially to the bride. During medieval times, the stone was believed also to have the power to rekindle lost marital love, making it a popular gift for the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

Mystical Lore

Like all gemstones, this sea-colored stone has a history of mystical powers and lore attached to it. Some of the magical powers it has been believed to possess are intuition and psychic abilities. It has been said it can cure insomnia, the hiccups and bring everlasting youth to the wearer. These youth-bringing powers are probably attributed to the stone’s close association with water and the ocean’s life-giving properties.

The name aquamarine is Latin for “sea water.” The stone was believed to bring luck to sailors, protecting them from rough waters and seasickness. Perhaps the sailors of the past wore them as amulets around their necks, or their loves may have sewn bracelets made from the stones into their clothing to keep them safe.

Cleaning and Care

Though this gem is related to the emerald, it is easier to care for. Emeralds are rife with inclusions, but the aquamarine is not. This makes it more durable and less likely to chip or crack. On the Mohs scale of harness, it ranks an 8 which is quite hard. Despite its durability, harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended. All you need to do is soak them in warm soapy water and then wipe them with a cloth.

Often cut in the traditional ways, these stones are also popular among cutters for designer pieces using unconventional shapes and sizes. These give the gemstone a more modern and fashionable look. Uniquely cut stones can be classic and contemporary at the same time.

Choosing a Good Pool Water Testing Kit

Good pool chemistry should include a good water testing kit and the proper levels of:

1. pool chlorine

2. combined chlorine (chloramines)

3. pH

4. total alkalinity (TA)

5. calcium hardness

6. cyanuric acid (CYA)

Swimming pool chlorine is the sanitizer of the pool and should be kept between 1.5-3.5ppm. Your pH should be between 7.6-7.8, not 7.2.  You will use too much pool acid to keep it at that level. Total pool alkalinity (TA) is between 80-100, calcium hardness between 150-250, and cyanuric acid between 20-40ppm.

The maximum you should allow for TDS is 1,500ppm. There is really nothing that can be done to lower your TDS short of draining some or all of the pool water and starting over again. The best thing is to take your water into your local pool store for a proper TDS test.

There are basically two types of water testing kits:

1.  Dropper Water Testing Kit

2.  Test Strips

CYA is a stabilizer for your chlorine and is used for only outdoor swimming pools. A good water testing kit will have a CYA reading.  Careful reading should be taken for CYA as sudden drops or increases will cause your chlorine to lose its effectiveness.

The first is a dropper kit that should include readings for chlorine, combined chlorine, (chloramines) pH, alkalinity, and hardness.  The most widely used type of dropper test kit is called the FAS-DPD K-2006 Taylor Reagent. These pool water test kits commonly use a type of “test tube” and eye dropper application.

Adding the Reagents to the water produces a change in the test water color. Then this color change is compared with the accompanying chart.  Some kits may have you “count” the drops and do a little math to get the correct reading. The two main kinds of dropper systems are called DPD and OTO pool water testing kits.

DPD, or N,N Diethyl-1,4 Phenylenediamine Sulfate, measures the free chlorine as well as pH, combined chlorine, hardness, cyanuric acid, and alkalinity. It’s also called the “pink test system” due to the chlorine will, at first, become pink in color. You need to keep your DPD pool water testing kit fresh and away from direct light as this may skew your readings.  The best for your money is the FAS-DPD K-2006 Reagent Test Kit.

DPD is a little more time consuming and complex due to the proper “swirling” technique, but when properly done you’ll find this system of tests is the most accurate.

OTO, or OrthoTOlidene is the other brand of dropper pool water test kit. This pool water testing kit can test for all readings, but usually test for chlorine and pH, and is often called the Duo Test Kit. If you’re going for a less expensive brand then this would be the pool water testing kit for you. Designed for a pool or spa with a smaller bather load and for the do-it-your-selfer, it’s a complete system in a convenient package for great swimming pool care.

The 2nd type of test kit is called Test Strips. These strips allow you to simply dip the strip into the pool water then compare the various squares on the strip to the corresponding chart. The strips should include the levels of chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and hardness.

These strips are fast and easy and eliminate the need for taking samples and counting drops. The basic 3 and 4 square strips can measure chlorine (sanitizer) pH, alkalinity, and hardness all at the same time.  You can get these swimming pool chemistry readings within a matter seconds. Remember to follow the instructions carefully and don’t take any shortcuts while testing your chemicals.

Use your best judgment and get the best water testing kit for your situation. Some people like the DPD or OTO water testing kit.  Some like the Test Strips. The main issue is to test your water on a regular basis, no less than once per week, maybe even twice, to get the best pool water that you deserve.

All About My Scuba Diving Experience

Scuba diving is a great way to experience the underwater kingdom. It gives you the chance to unveil the mysteries and the wonders of the environment which covers the majority of our planet. It is believed that once you learn all about scuba diving, it will become a lifelong obsession. After I had a private lesson, it is time to take an exam for an open water dive certificate. My exam took place in Boracay Island. Boracay is a famous tourist destination. With its white sandy beaches and   blue  clear  water , it is considered a paradise island. Many wonderful and interesting marine lives can also be found in the dive sites. The marine life is very diversified that a diver will definitely enjoy and love diving in.

During my first dive experience I was really excited but a bit nervous. I really tried hard not panic as I and my instructor went deeper and deeper underwater. This is my chance to overcome my fear. It was not long I felt comfortable. It was really a great experience, seeing the beauty of sea wildlife because of the presence of many varieties of reef fish, with Lagoon Rays and moray eels. It was totally a different world. It is so quite. For me, it is a total relaxation.

Another diving experience that was unforgettable in my lifetime was when I scuba dive in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum offers some of the best reef diving and snorkeling in the Mayan Riviera, together with exciting and cave diving. Around Tulum you will have access to many freshwater caverns known as cenotes, part of an ancient underwater river system running from the deep jungle to the sea throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. A combination of various geological events and climate changes created an incredible and unique ecosystem in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. I am positive that you will not be disappointed with your scuba diving experience in Tulum.

Several things I appreciate about my visit in Tulum are the not so crowded beaches, its white, sugar-like sand and turquoise  blue   water , and their rustic cabanas. These cabanas are quite unique Tulum accommodations. This place is not for you if you’re looking for luxuries. But since we visited as a group we opted to rent a Tulum beach house.

I am really eager to experience more in scuba diving, to widen my knowledge and explore more.